Travel Gear: One adapter travel, mobile photo printer and skipping the bag-drop queue

Twist+ world charging station

Given the multiplicity of electronics devices we can find ourselves travelling with, carrying more than one adapter can seem essential. And then there's the great second socket search in your hotel room. The Twist+ charging station features four USB ports with integrated plug settings for most countries, which you choose by twisting the unit. It can also clip on to an Apple Macbook adapter which lets the Twist+ power up to five gadgets simultaneously. €43 from

Prynt phone case printer

There are other standalone portable personal printers to work with smartphones, such as Polaroid's Zip, but Prynt's designers claim it's the first phone case with the printer integrated. Slide your phone into the body, clip on the adapter and take a shot – and it'll thermal print your snap right there on Zink paper. There's another more unexpected digital novelty, it also embeds a short video clip when you take the photo that can viewed using the Prynt app. Scan the hard copy photo through the app and the still appears to come to life. Available for Samsung Galaxy and iPhones. €130 from

Rimowa electronic tag suitcase

The time-consuming bag-drop aspect of travelling life gets a smart, tech solution with the new digital tag from premium luggage range, Riwoma. This lets you check in your bags remotely, generating an electronic version of your luggage tag which is displayed on the suitcase. The tag uses low energy e-ink (like a Kindle), so once it's set, it's effectively fixed, no matter how long the flight. So no airport queueing, just dropping off. Of course, the airlines have to co-operate to make this fly (ooh), and only Lufthansa is signed up as of now, but it's being trailed elsewhere. Approx €80 add-on to the suitcase, see