What’s making you happy? Neighbourly snow clearing and brand new twins

We asked what was making you #IrishTimesHappy. Here are some of your responses

Alan O’Brien and his 11-day-old twins

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Spending the snowdays at home with our 11 day old twins. Friends, family and neighbours helping out. People are lovely really! – Alan @alanpobrien

At 67 years of age finally accompanying my 3 singer daughters on guitar at three gigs last week – Ray @rayrosebray

Having Marco back boarding with us after being snowed in, he’s in advanced training to be an autism assistance dog – Tricia @trishoc73

One neighbour started digging out the road in front of their house, each neighbour saw, grabbed their shovel and by the end of the day the whole road was clear. Community spirit alive and well here and it made my heart hum – @kstephe


Feeling human again after having a blowdry after being snowed in since Thursday and having no fear of scaring small children – Ursula @ursulacurtin