What’s making you happy? Broighter Gold, Francoise Hardy and dogs in jumpers

These are the things making you #IrishTimesHappy this week

Gold from Derry made one reader #IrishTimesHappy

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Finally seeing the Broighter gold hoard (pictured) in the National Museum in Dublin, after three years of driving down the road in Co Derry where it was found. Just sat there and smiled – @Bird_Fan1

My dogs Dizzy, Daisy and Scruffy (pictured) make me smile today and everyday. Great company while I work from home. Always happy to see me and perfect cuddlers – Sabina

Dogs in jumpers make you #IrishTimesHappy

Listening to my old Francoise Hardy LP for first time in 20 years played on my son-in-law's posh stereo and having my granddaughter dance along made me v v happy – Sue


Going out to Uganda next summer, as a volunteer, with UgaIrish, an organisation set up about 12 years ago, by the inspirational Siobhan Kinsella and her late husband, Austin. It will be such an honour and a privilege to work with her and her team. Volunteers pay for their own fares and accommodation and every euro raised goes directly to UgaIrish – Sally