5: Jaguar I-Pace – proves enthusiastic drivers have nothing to fear from electric

Top cars for 2020: Has an edge over rivals in its driving dynamics

Last year’s number one slips a few places, mostly because many of its abilities (chiefly its range) have been overtaken by more affordable rivals. The battery Jag remains one of the most impressive electric cars we’ve yet driven.

While rivals from Audi and Mercedes major on straight-line performance and silent comfort, the I-Pace proves that enthusiastic drivers have nothing to fear from the electric revolution.

As long as you allow the chassis a beat or two to account for the weight and inertia of all that battery on the move, the I-Pace is enormously good fun to drive. It’s also has a spacious, pleasantly minimalist cabin and looks sharp on the outside. It’s also massively expensive.

Best model: I-Pace SE for €102,245.


Price range: €92,895 to €109,285. Finance from €938 per month.

Electric range: 470km.

Sum up: Rather electrifying, actually.