MyHome embraces rental rating system to tackle misleading listings

DwellDown signs partnership under which ratings will feature on property website

Angela Keegan, managing director of signed partnership with, a rental ratings service.

Angela Keegan, managing director of signed partnership with, a rental ratings service.


A new website for renters is hoping to tackle the scourge of substandard accommodation by recording tenants’ ratings of their experiences in rental properties. It may strike fear into the hearts of landlords everywhere but it provides some reassurance for potential renters. Now it’s gaining momentum having signed a partnership deal with property website which will see DwellDown’s rental ratings carried alongside properties on

DwellDown allows users to rate different aspects of a property they have rented as well as the area in which it is located. Users can rate a property under headings such as comfort, amenities, neighbourhood and even communication with the landlord.

Angela Keegan, managing director of, said the purpose of the partnership was to provide users with a more comprehensive picture and a trustworthy source of information on rentals.

Trusted platform

“There has been a lot of coverage in the media recently concerning misleading ads and substandard accommodation. In that context we believe our partnership with DwellDown is timely and will help renters tackle this problem while also enhancing the transparency of their online experience. That’s what users want and that’s what you get when ratings are honest and the platform is trusted,” Ms Keegan said.

Chris Lynch from DwellDown said: “Our goal is to provide the best-in-class service to help people discover the perfect place to call home. By accessing our unique rental rating service, renters on will be able to make informed decisions on where they want to live and to measure the living experience offered against the rent being charged in various locations.”