Get Active: Triathlon

Start slowly – build fitness in the gym by working on two of the events back to back


Explain it to me: For first-time triathletes, you’ll be looking at taking part in a 750m open-water swim (usually in a river), a 20k cycle and 5k run to the finish.

Where do I start: Slowly. You can build your fitness in the gym by doing two of the events back to back – swim a couple hundred metres, then get straight on the bike, or cycle in a high gear, then get on the treadmill. For beginners, the swim is the most daunting challenge, so invest in a few one-on-one swimming lessons to correct your breathing and technique. Check out for a list of clubs and group training sessions if you’re looking to get social.

Costs: When it comes to gear, keep it simple. Goggles, a plastic swimming hat, swimsuit and a wetsuit (which you can pick up for €100 on sites such as is all you need for the swim. For the cycle segment, borrow a racer bike (make sure you’ve done a few kilometres on it before the race, of course) or if you’re ready to commit, is a good place to start. You’ll pick up a decent helmet for about €40. Registering for an event costs about €70 and you’ll also need to pay for a race license for the day (€25).

Top tips: Do yourself and your training a favour and visit Ash Senyk in his store, Run Logic, in Temple Bar. A Mecca for equipment and gait-tested runners, Senyk has the answer to any burning event or training questions you have. His weekly running club is a cult fitness favourite.