Chorizo and chicken casserole: an easy dish you can always rely on

Six-ingredient supper: an ultra versatile family favourite which can also be made with salmon

In the hotel game, the hours are often long and unpredictable. This dish is one I can always rely on and is easily thrown together with only a few simple ingredients that are usually in the fridge.

It’s a twist on the original chicken casserole dish I would have eaten for years when I was growing up. But as my travel and experience has broadened, so too have the components of the dish.

The great thing about this is all the family can eat it, and if you have any pescatarians, it can also be made also with salmon chunks. If you have more time to wait for it to cook, lamb also works really well.

If you are not restricted to six ingredients, a splash of white wine added with the peppers and tomatoes, and a few leaves of fresh basil over the top at the end of the cooking time, are good additions.

– Rónán O’Halloran, general manager, Glenlo Abbey hotel.

What you’ll need and how to make it

Serves 2

Half a chorizo (sliced)

2 breasts of chicken (diced)

1 onion (sliced)

1 red pepper (diced)

1 punnet of cherry tomatoes (cut in half)

1 clove of garlic (sliced)

Fry of the onions then add the chorizo and garlic. Throw in the chicken and fry until half cooked. Then add your peppers and tomatoes. Cover with a lid to finish cooking the chicken and the rest of the ingredients. Season to taste. This goes nicely with either rice, pasta or even some baby potatoes

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