Breakfast in bed


Sometimes the only thing to mar the perfection of a lazy Saturday morning in bed is having to get up, and go out to get breakfast and, of course, your copy of The Irish Times.

The clever people at Cake Café at Pleasants Place in Dublin have come to the rescue. If you live in Dublin 2 or 8, they will bicycle over with your breakfast, plus fresh coffee or tea, bubbly if you’re celebrating, and the newspaper of your choice. Just phone up with your credit card, and then lie back and prepare to be treated to the best breakfast in town (the delivery charge is €3.50).

Michelle Darmody of the Cake Café says she started the service because on her days off she lies in bed wishing someone would bring her breakfast in bed. “I just thought it was a nice idea and our delivery bike is perfect for the job. It would be my ideal lazy morning.” Other innovations at Dublin’s coolest café include cakes for people with wheat and dairy allergies. “You’d never know eating them,” says Darmody, who held tastings with her customers. “None of them guessed.”

See, 01-4789394.