Irish in Canada: What do you think of Justin Trudeau?

As the Canadian PM’s Irish visit approaches, we want to hear readers’ views

Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau arrives in Dublin today to meet Taoiseach Leo Varadkar. Photograph: Chris Jackson/PA Wire

Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau arrives on Irish soil with his family today to meet Taoiseach Leo Varadkar, on the way to the G20 summit in Germany. High up on the agenda will be the Canada-EU Trade Deal, and Brexit.

His welcome for immigrants and refugees and support for women's rights (not to mention his dashing good looks) have won him favour all over the world, but lately, his approval ratings have been dropping at home in Canada.

Varadkar is clearly a fan of Trudeau - he has praised his liberal policies in the past, and his style and social and economic approach during the Fine Gael leadership campaign has been compared to the Canadian PM - but as an Irish person living in Canada, what do you think of Trudeau? His policies? His approach? How would you compare the two leaders? Are you engaged with Canadian politics generally? What do you hope or expect will come out of Trudeau's Irish visit?

Share your opinions (max 300 words)by emailing, including a few lines about you - where you live, what you do there, when and why you left Ireland, and your age. A photo is optional. A selection may be published online on Tuesday.