Warm weather beauty: Products to see you through the summer months

The higher the temperature, the fewer the products, so make sure your chosen ones justify their roles

Warm weather changes our relationship with products. We want fewer of them, and a more practical focus. We don’t have the energy for heavy textures, and we just want to feel comfortable. Layering products on overheated skin is uncomfortable, so everything we use needs to justify its role.

When temperatures rise, I’m often surprised by the products I suddenly find myself gravitating towards but several have recently earned a place in my kit bag for the next heatwave that rolls in (that wild optimism is yours to keep – you’re welcome).

Few brands are as excellent at fragranced body products as Neom, and its new Super Shower Power Body Cleanser (€32 at neomorganics.eu) is a muggy morning dream. Though it does contain organic coffee extract and oat milk, it isn't your morning latte, especially considering the jolt of eucalyptus, rosemary and spearmint that will teleport you into consciousness first thing in the morning. On summer mornings when you wake up overheated, congested or reluctant about the day ahead, it is nothing less than a blessing.

Every summer when the sun (eventually) turns up, we need to wear less in order to stay cool and comfortable, and the temptation to bake your limbs creeps in. Just don’t. Tanning, however nice it may look, is indicative of lasting skin damage. Besides, the effects are so easy to safely fake. Isle of Paradise Self-Tanning Butter (€23 at Boots) is one of the best launches of the past year. It creates a truly golden, natural-looking glow and it is so easy to use. It also nourishes and conditions the skin so, unlike a real tan, it will keep skin soft, supple and sheeny.


Hot weather can equally tempt us to skip skincare, which is fine, and to skip SPF, which really isn’t. If you’re heading out, skin should be protected. Understandably, we all tend to be a bit fussier with facial SPFs than the ones for body.

The best facial SPF for you is the one you know you’ll wear. La Roche Posay Anthelios Age Correct (€32 at pharmacies nationwide) is still my favourite SPF launch of the season. A moisturiser/SPF hybrid, it allows you to have a one-step skincare routine on sunny mornings when you just want to get out but keep skin comfortable and protected, even when it’s too hot to wear make-up.

While I’m not normally a big fan of sleep aids – the evidence isn’t there yet to suggest CBD, for example, helps hugely – this alcohol-free tincture is a nice bedtime ritual. The Nue Co. Sleep Drops (€45 at Arnotts) combines catnip (yes, really) with traditional night-time soothers chamomile and valerian, and a touch of passionflower. A few drops under your tongue before bed make for a nice wind-down. Especially when the weather is hot and sleep is elusive, adding restful rituals to your evening routine can help to slow the mind and ready the body for rest. Think of it as the adult equivalent of a child’s pre-bed bath.

Product Of The Week

Hermès Twilly Eau Ginger (€135 for 85ml at Brown Thomas)