Beauty Advent Calendars: These are the best (and guaranteed to sell out)

There are some frankly knee-weakening collections of mini-beauty products this year

Marks and Spencer Beauty Advent Calendar (€40 when you spend €40 on clothing, home and beauty in store from today)

It is now November, and no one can deny it, which means we are allowed to talk about beauty Advent calendars, not least because they sell out long before that as yet unnameable festive season each year. A relatively new phenomenon on the beauty landscape, Advent calendars have only been around in earnest on a large scale for the last five years or so. Given that they are so new, each year the improvements are noticeable, and though they tend to be on the expensive side, more affordable brands are releasing their own versions every year. Do you need one? No. Are they notions? Certainly. This, however, is part of their allure, and they are as lovely to admire as they are to own.

If you are a beauty Advent calendar collector, or simply enjoy the spectacle of them, this year offers some frankly knee-weakening, beautiful, and even budget versions.

Marks and Spencer Beauty Advent Calendar 

(€40 when you spend €40 on clothing, home and beauty instore from today)

Each year, this is a stalwart. The M&S Beauty Hall has expanded in recent years to include some excellent brands, and this is reflected in the calendar, which features products from NUXE, Pixi, L’Occitane and Eyeko.

Charlotte Tilbury Charlotte’s Beauty Universe Advent Calendar (€185 at Brown Thomas)

Charlotte Tilbury Charlotte’s Beauty Universe Advent Calendar 

(€185 at Brown Thomas)

The Charlotte Tilbury Advent calendar is always a lavish affair, and with 12 products rather than 24, features far more than average full-size offerings. You’ll find brand heroes in here such as pillow talk lipstick, Eyes to Mesmerise Shadow, and a mini Full Fat Lashes Mascara.

Nars Uncensored Advent Calendar (€195 at from today)

Nars Uncensored Advent Calendar 

(€195 at from today)

Nars has never released an Advent calendar before, and their first is what you might guess – edgy, different, and delectable. It contains mini-versions of some of the most beloved Nars products, including Orgasm blush, Dragon Girl Velvet Matte Lip Pencil, and Laguna Bronzing Powder. This will sell out quickly.

L’Occitane Classic Advent Calendar (€59 at L’Occitane stores nationwide)

L’Occitane Classic Advent Calendar 

(€59 at L’Occitane stores nationwide)

L’Occitane offers the best affordable Advent calendar every year. Certainly, €59 is far from cheap, but competing products veer well over €300, so this is excellent value for money, and bursting with mini-versions of their bestselling bath, body and skincare products.

L’Occitane Luxury Advent Calendar 

(€99 at L’Occitane stores nationwide)

This calendar is a more luxe and beautifully packaged upgrade on the classic version, and features some of L’Occitane’s skincare bestsellers as well as the bath and body offerings.

Diptyque Advent Calendar (€365 at

Diptyque Advent Calendar

(€365 at

Diptyque’s Advent calendar is possibly the most sumptuous and grown up of them all. Featuring 15 mini-versions of the brand’s famous scented candles, along with their fragrances and body care products, it is every bit as fragrant and indulgent as you might think.

Jo Malone London Christmas Advent Calendar (€360 at Brown Thomas from today)

Jo Malone London Advent Calendar 

(€360 at Brown Thomas from today)

This calendar never disappoints. After several years of more avant garde design in their Christmas collection, Jo Malone London have returned to a more traditional, sparkly aesthetic this year. Their calendar is a visual representation of the Georgian Jo Malone London townhouse, and is filled with mini-colognes, candles, body creams, and other certain to delight surprises.

Rituals The Ritual of Advent Deluxe Advent Calendar (€89 at

Rituals The Ritual of Advent Deluxe Advent Calendar 

(€89 at

This calendar is tremendously joyful. It comes with the fairy lights pictured, is a fully three-dimensional Christmas tree, and the last Advent surprise is in the star at the top. Inside the tree’s bauble decorations, you will find mini-versions of this incredibly diverse brand’s products, from skincare and shower products to home fragrance.

ESPA Comfort + Joy Advent Calendar (€165 at

ESPA Comfort & Joy Advent Calendar 

(€165 at

ESPA is, as the name indicates, an incredibly comforting and soothing spa brand. Inside this beautiful, uniquely simple and chic calendar, you will find incredibly high quality home fragrance, skin and body care products.

Aldi Luxury Collection Beauty Advent Calendar

Aldi Luxury Collection Beauty Advent Calendar 

(€49.99 at 133 Aldi stores nationwide from November 4th)

This Advent calendar may look familiar, and it is supposed to, because it bears uncanny resemblance to one of the other (decidedly more expensive) calendars on this list. It contains 24 mini-candles, homes and personal fragrances, as well as body products, all of which also bear striking resemblance to another, high-end brand. This does not match the quality of the original, and is ethically possibly a bit squiffy, but it will still sell out in a matter of hours so if you want one, head into Aldi on Sunday with your elbows out and your will determined.

Molton Brown Advent Calendar (€200 at Molton Brown stores)

Molton Brown Advent Calendar 

(€200 at Molton Brown stores)

The Molton Brown Calendar offering contains a variety of their much loved full-size festive baubles, mini-scented candles, shower and body washes, and hand creams. Your bathroom will be elegantly stocked until next November.