LCD Soundsystem at the Olympia: everything you need to know

Tickets, stage times, set list and security for the Brooklyn band’s three-night residency at Dublin’s Olympia theatre

Each generation has its band. The Rolling Stones. Abba. Queen. Blur. But as years go on, each generation splits and and its defining band will be totally different to the same person that sat beside them all the way through secondary school.

Play LCD Soundsystem's All My Friends and you will get one fraction of a generation going absolutely nuts. Play The Fratellis' Chelsea Dagger and the LCD gang will go outside for a smoke, leaving the rest to lose their minds. The LCD acolytes are about to have all their Christmases and Electric Picnics rolled into one.

For three nights (September 27th, 28th and 29th), the Olympia Theatre will be besieged by LCD Soundsystem fans who can be safely assured that (some of) their friends (who were lucky enough to get tickets) are within an arm's reach. Or at the next night's show (if they got tickets).

It's been a rollercoaster few years as an LCD fan. In 2011, frontman James Murphy announced that they would be playing their last show ever in New York's Madison Square Garden. Fans were aghast, especially Irish fans who felt like we never got a proper chance to say goodbye . . .


Five years later, a reunion tour happened and they played Electric Picnic in 2016. We treated it like it was the last actual hurrah. It was totes emosh. Until Murphy sort of suggested blabbedin a recent interview that the whole break-up was really a ruse to sell tickets.

But here we are again. Worshipping at the feet of LCD Soundsystem because we are as smitten as kittens. And while some people remain unmoved by the big bit, you know the bit I'm talking about, in Dance Yrself Clean, this fraction will give their all because even though Murphy is a codder, he's our codder.

Are tickets still available? Frustratingly, the three gigs sold out in a matter of minutes. They are like gold dust. And for those of you with tickets, it is very important that you arrive with the person who bought the tickets. When you arrive at the venue, security will ask for the credit card of the lead ticket buyer and the name has to match the booking.

What time does everything kick off at? Doors open at 7pm and Shit Robot will get you nicely warmed up from 8pm. LCD are expected onstage at 9pm but these times are subject to change.

How do I get there? With a little help from your friends . . . that bought the tickets on their card. Seeing as the Olympia is a city centre spot, leave the car at home because most Dublin Bus routes will drop you within walking distance to Dame Street and the green and red Luas lines are approximately 10 to 15 minutes away.

What about security? All bags will be searched upon entry and any items that may be deemed as a weapon are prohibited. Pack light and make sure that you bag is A4 or smaller in size.

What are they likely to play? Well, at this stage you already know that they don't really do hits but this is what they had on offer on September 23rd Alexandra Palace in London.

  • Get Innocuous!
  • I Can Change
  • Call The Police
  • Yr City's a Sucker
  • You Wanted a Hit
  • Tribulations
  • Movement 
  • Someone Great
  • I used to
  • Tonite
  • Home
  • New York, I Love You But You're Bringing Me Down
  • Encore: Yr City's a Sucker
  • Emotional Haircut
  • Dance Yrself Clean
  • All My Friends