Wallis Bird


Wallis Bird Rubyworks ***

This London-based Meath woman has toured a lot since she graduated from music college a decade ago. Yet although Bird’s blend of acoustic folk and quirky indie has engaged audiences all over Europe, she remains largely overlooked in Ireland. Her third album may not change that – there are no out-and-out radio hits to establish her with the masses – but it’s a solid overview of her sound. The strutting groove of I Am So Tired of That Linerecalls 1980s indie bands; Heartbeating Cityis one of several songs that incorporates a gleeful pop jauntiness; and Who’s Listening Now?showcases her fiery defiance. Energy and interest flag as the tracklisting wears on, but the songs that bustle and canter along are just fine and dandy. wallisbird.com

Download tracks: I Am So Tired of That Line, Who’s Listening Now?