Harper Simon


Harper Simon,Ulsi/[PIAS] Recordings

The son of Paul Simon, Harper – who, at 37, has released surely one of the most belated debut albums of recent times – has cast aside any chip-off-the-old-block associations via a collection of sweet if decidedly oddball psych-pop-country songs. It helps that his backing band comprise Nashville hepcats such as drummer Gene Chrisman, bass player Mike Leech, pedal-steel player Lloyd Green and pianist Hargus Robbins (who between them have played with Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, Patsy Cline, Dusty Springfield and The Byrds), but the core charm of this album remains Simon’s songs. Harmony-dripping tracks such as Wishes and Stars, Tennessee (co-written with dad), All I Have Are Memoriesand Berkeley Girldisplay a songwriter who oozes an effortless mix of spring-heeled lyrics and God-given melodies.

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Download tracks: Wishes and Stars, All I Have Are Memories