Weekend challenge: one year of memories in one second a day

Could you sum up your enture year in 365 seconds?

Photograph: iStock

Here’s a weekend challenge for you: could you sum up your entire year in 365 seconds? Video app 1 Second Everyday helps you condense the events of a year into a short video, by prompting you to add one second of footage to the app each day.

It’s a nice way to summarise 2018, and easily shareable with friends and family. You have a few options for content: you can record video live into the 1SE app; you can take it from your phone’s gallery; or you can go back to iCloud and grab it from there.

It’s easy to find the videos for each day. Once you give 1SE permission to access your videos, it organises everything into an easy calendar style interface. Simply select your date, scan through the video or photos available for that day, and make your choice.

It’s not too late to start; the app allows you to go back to previous days, months and years to create videos. Be warned though: that trip down memory lane can be a long one. If you get started now, you might have last year and 2016 finished by Sunday.


If all that sounds like too much work, you can also give control over to the app to fill in the blanks, letting it randomly select snippets from your videos to fill out your video.

The free app puts some 1SE branding on the resulting video, but if you want to remove it, you’ll have to pay €30 for a year’s subscription that will give you the ability to add longer snippets of video, a music editor and controls over volume and brightness. But to be honest the free version is more than enough if you just want to create some home projects to share with family.

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