Vivaldi for Android offers alternative mobile browsing experience

Version also features handy tab icon for easy access to bookmarks, notes and downloads

Looking for something a little different in your mobile web browser? Vivaldi has just released a fully-featured beta version for Android devices. As with Firefox, Safari and Chrome, it has account syncing so you check your recently opened tabs across all other devices. It also has a few bells and whistles that differentiate it.

My favourite feature is the tab icon on the bottom left-hand corner of the homescreen. Unlike other mobile browsers that have some of these features hidden within submenus, it brings up a handy screen for easy access to bookmarks, history, notes and downloads all within one swipe from each other.

If you're not a Bing fan, then you'll have to change over as this is the default search engine. But that's not a big deal because it has a little lifehack: within the address bar type 'g' followed by your search query for Google or 'd' for DuckDuckGo etc. (Also you can swap between search engines on the fly).

Vivaldi also has a screenshot option in the righthand submenu where you can choose between snapping the visible area or capturing of the full page. Think of how easy it is to fully capture e-tickets, timetables, restaurant menus, and those long, scrolling infographics!