Tackle your tech addiction with Russell Brand’s online course

Brand is intelligent and articulate, and knows the struggles of addiction

At one point or another many of us have felt like we have an unhealthy relationship with technology. Whether it's scrolling infinitely through Instagram, constantly checking emails, or logging too many hours on Fortnite, it might be time to reset your behaviours.

Comedian-turned-self-help guru Russell Brand has just launched a new course with online wellness community Commune and it is free for the first 12 days. Whether you want to tackle technology addiction or something else like drugs, alcohol or gambling, this course costs nothing and is worth giving a try, especially if you already like Brand's Under The Skin podcast.

Admittedly Russell Brand’s comedy isn’t to everyone’s tastes but he is an intelligent, articulate person who knows the struggles of addiction and has been writing and podcasting on this topic for year in order to help others with similar struggles.

So, what do you get for free until January 25th? It's a series of video talks from Brand based on the 12-step programme in which he talks about integrating the notion of recovery into all aspects of your life. There is also a public forum where members can share stories and talk about their own experiences. onecommune.com

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