This free digital thesaurus is simple, user-friendly and very comprehensive


As much as people bemoan the illiteracy of the modern world, the truth is that we’re reading and writing more than ever before. True, much of what we write is no more than Facebook updates, but we’re still using the typed word to correspond every single day. And it’s not like Bieber fans on Twitter would otherwise be reading War and Peace. So a digitised version (and revised appreciation) for the dictionary’s less popular cousin is overdue. Thesaurasize is a thesaurus search engine that’s very comprehensive, and updates and expands daily with endless clickable words. Each new word has a drop-down menu of its own, so choosing on an equivalent for, say, “excellent” will bring you to all of its synonyms, and all of their synonyms in turn. Then you can backspace your way out of the rabbit hole. Thesaurasize is not a reinvention of the wheel, but it’s free, very user-friendly and agreeably laid out.