Tamagotchi mug: No need to feed – just keep refilling

Tech tools: enjoy a guilt-free coffee with this low-maintenance version of the digital pet

I had a Tamgotchi once. It didn’t end well. After a couple of weeks of nurturing the digital pet, feeding it and generally cleaning up after it, it died. I’m not sure what else it needed, besides around-the-clock care that would have rivalled a particularly tricky newborn baby. Anyway, it got put in a desk drawer, never to be seen again.

It turns out they’ve made somewhat of a comeback, and occcasionally I find myself hovering over the “buy” button, before I come to my senses. If you are ever tempted, don’t. Buy this mug instead, which will display a perfectly happy Tamagotchi every time you fill the mug with a hot drink. Then you can enjoy the happy face of your pet without any of the added anguish when it inevitably kicks the digital bucket.