Study shows Apple Watch detects irregular heartbeat

Web Log: Apple-sponsored study finds Watch had 71% positive predictive value

The Apple Watch  proves useful in detecting an irregular heartbeat

The Apple Watch proves useful in detecting an irregular heartbeat


An irregular heartbeat or atrial fibrillation is a condition that can go undiagnosed in many individuals because it doesn’t necessarily exhibit any symptoms. The Apple Watch, however, has proven useful in detecting such a condition, according to a large-scale study from the Stanford University School of Medicine.

The study, sponsored by Apple, used the Apple Watch to monitor the heart activity of 400,000 participants. It was found that when compared alongside electrocardiography readings, the Watch has a 71 per cent positive predictive value. Additionally, 84 per cent of wearers who received an irregular pulse notification were in fact in atrial fibrillation at that time.

“The results of the Apple Heart study highlight the potential role that innovative digital technology can play in creating more predictive and preventive healthcare,” said Lloyd Minor, MD, dean of the Stanford school of medicine.

“Atrial fibrillation is just the beginning, as this study opens the door to further research into wearable technologies and how they might be used to prevent disease before it strikes - a key goal of precision health.”