Star Wars Battle Quads: drones sold as collectors’ items

Tech Tools: without a camera, these drones are designed for a love of flying and battling


Drones are great fun, once you stop crashing them into things. But Propel’s new line of drones could yet beat them all.

Five words: Star Wars laser battle drones. The line includes tie fighters, x-wings, speed bikes and – naturally – the Millennium Falcon. The latter isn’t on sale until after Christmas though.

The drones (€305)have three speed settings and can hit speeds of up to 35mph in under three seconds. Want to throw out a few fancy tricks? You can pull off aerial manoeuvres at the touch of a button.

These are purely for the love of flying – and battling – though, as there is not built-in camera.

As well as being great fun, these are sold as collectors’ items. They’re numbered and hand painted. They come in a handcrafted box. But it’s unlikely that – for most users, at least – they’ll stay in that pristine box.