Canary has new approach to security

Tech tools: The new Flex camera is more flexible, weatherproof and built for outdoor use


Canary’s security camera was a hit for one important reason: it made everything simple. You don’t need to be a tech whizz to set it up. It gives you high-quality footage and it doesn’t look like an ugly lump of plastic sitting in the corner of your room.

So how do you improve on that? Make it more flexible.

Along comes the Canary Flex that will not only keep an eye on your home, but if you need it to switch up duty and head outside, it can handle that too.

It is weatherproofed, so it will stand up to the worst the Irish weather can throw at it, has lithium ion batteries to sort out the power side of things, automatic night vision and dual band wifi support. Consider your home security sorted. The Canary Flex costs about $199 (€185).