Power up: Replace batteries with Irish plug-in option

USB-powered ReVolt adaptor replaces standard batteries

ReVolt adaptor

ReVolt adaptor


Revolt from €39

Sick of changing batteries? A new product from Irish startup MyVolts could put an end to that. The company has developed a kit that replaces standard batteries in everything from games consoles to children’s toys, swapping it for a USB-powered ReVolt adaptor.

It is essentially a bridge cable that has a battery shape at one end, which goes into the battery compartment of the device that needs power, and a power connector at the other; both are connected by a thin ribbon cable, robust enough to deliver power to your device. Each battery space in your device can be filled with dummy batteries that simply provide an electrical connection. Then you can plug the device into the wall, a USB powerbank or even your laptop, and power it without ever having to worry about running out of battery.

The system is designed to be adaptable and flexible, and used thousands of times. You can also get adapters that will allow the device to be used with C and D battery-powered devices. myvolts.com

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