Get a better look for online video calls

LED ring light gives a professional glow and brightens up washed out WFH faces

Ready for your online close-up: the Glam Doll desktop ring light

Product name: Glam Doll Desktop Ring Light

Price: €70.0

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Thu, May 27, 2021, 05:26


Glam Dolls desktop ring light €70

Like it or not, Zoom meetings are here to stay for another few months at least. So why not upgrade the accessories? The Glam Doll desktop ring light will help shed some new light on the situation, improving your dingy online video calls without having to invest in a new laptop. It is a 10.2 inch foldable white ring light on a weighted base, with an adjustable arm so you can get the right angle. It has dimmable, energy efficient LED lights that give control over colour temperature too, moving from cool to neutral and to a warmer light. With just 10 watts it is surprisingly bright. There’s an included smartphone holder so your camera can go right in the centre of the ring, but the light works just as well for laptops if you position it correctly.