Web log: Try the taster demo of ‘Woolley Mountain’

British adventure game approved by Ron Gilbert is being crowd-funded by Kickstarter

The Mystery of Woolley Mountain: a charming adventure game

In the point-and-click adventure game world, there is no higher seal of approval than a thumbs-up from Ron Gilbert, the guy behind classics including Maniac Mansion and The Secret of Monkey Island. Gilbert is backing British adventure game The Mystery of Woolley Mountain on crowd-funding platform Kickstarter and it will soon be available through Steam.

For now, there is a taster demo available for download. If this is anything to go by, the full game promises dialogue and atmosphere reminiscent of Lucas Arts favourites, complete with oddball characters and a quirky storyline where time-travelling a audio scientist goes on a quest to save some children from a wicked witch. The soundtrack and gloomy backdrop feel like they have been influenced by Stranger Things, which is also a bonus.

The one drawback of this charming adventure game is the “kiddy cartoon” look. I’m more of a retro pixel art fan myself but if you’re willing to get past the slightly clunky graphics then the gameplay is enjoyable.