Nokia’s Nuage teams up with Asavie on remote working technology

New system will allow users to connect to remote cloud systems without using a VPN

Photograph: iStock

Photograph: iStock


Nokia’s Nuage Networks has teamed up with Asavie to allow mobile users to more easily connect remotely to their work systems.

The new system uses a technology known as software defined wide area networking - or SD WAN – to create a solution for desktop, mobile and internet of things devices. Previously, users would have needed mobile virtual private networks (VPN) to safely connect to enterprise clouds and applications.

SD-WAN is a secure and on-demand network technology that simplifies the management and operation of a wide-area network by separating the hardware from its control mechanism.

The new solution from Nokia and Asavie will allow mobile users to connect to enterprise clouds and applications via SD-WAN, without needing to use virtual private network clients. Using the new technology, enterprise IT managers will also have an easier way to manage security and access to applications and data across the enterprise network.


“It extends the power and simplicity of SD-WAN to include mobile devices, which means all the power of the Nuage policy-driven approach and none of the hassles associated with managing VPN clients on disparate mobile and IoT devices,” said Sunil Khandekar, founder and chief executive of Nuage Networks. “IT managers can focus their management policies on end users, no matter the devices they are using, ensuring they enjoy a seamless and consistent experience, which they’ve come to expect from Nuage.”

Asavie chief executive Ralph Shaw said the partnership was an opportunity for significant growth and innovation.