Nest Doorbell: Ring of confidence on your doorstep

Tech tools: Updated Nest can tell if there’s an actual person at the door, not a cat or a dog

From €200

The Nest doorbell was introduced in 2018 and went head-to-head with the Ring in a battle to dominate the doorsteps. The recently announced updated version is getting a new design and some extra intelligence out of the box, so you no longer need to buy a subscription to get access to useful features such as person alerts and motion zones. That has been made possible by Google’s move to process images on the device, rather than in the cloud. The new technology can distinguish between people, animals, cars and the random movements from trees that can trigger an unnecessary alert, meaning fewer notifications to melt your phone. You can still pay for Nest Aware to get 24/7 live streaming or access to alerts and events past the three-hour window, but it’s not necessary. in new window ]