Meath twin YouTubers pay themselves €1.7m

Ryan and Scott Fitzsimons operate hugely popular Minecraft channel

‘Minecraft millionaires’: Ryan and Scott Fitzsimons from Ashbourne, Co Meath

Co Meath twenty-something twins Ryan and Scott Fitzsimons last year shared €1.7 million in pay from the company behind their hugely popular YouTube Minecraft channel.

The latest accounts filed by Little Lizard Ltd show that the €1.692 million paid to the two in 2018 compared to €968,424 a year earlier – a 75 per cent increase.

Over the past four years, the twins have paid themselves a total €6.7 million.

The two “Minecraft millionaires” uploaded their first Minecraft video in June 2012. Today, their Littlelizard & Turnstile Adventure channel has 4.12 million subscribers, up 312,000 in the past year. Over the past seven years, the channel has been viewed 2.486 billion times.


The 28-year-olds were sitting on accumulated profits of €437,986 at the end of last year. Little Lizard Ltd’s cash pile declined from €295,845 to €83,029 during the year.


The twins’ younger sister, Kelly Fitzsimons has also carved out a lucrative career as a YouTuber.

Aged 24, Kelly’s “Little Kelly Minecraft” YouTube channel has 3.02 million subscribers and 1.6 billion views since her channel got up and running in June 2015.

At the end of last year, Kelly's firm, Kelfit Entertainment Ltd was sitting on accumulated profits of €169,742.

The large hike in pay at the twins’ firm resulted in the company recording a modest loss of €6,624 for 2018.

Gordon Deegan

Gordon Deegan

Gordon Deegan is a contributor to The Irish Times