Delve into the science of happiness

Web Log: UC Berkeley centre offers guide to boosting resilience and dealing with mean people

Now that you’re feeling decidedly more relaxed and ethical, it’s time to get happy . . . through science. The UC Berkeley-based Greater Good Science Centre carries out research on what it means to live a happier, more meaningful life through developing altruism, compassion and stronger social bonds.

For a quick start, head to their website and download the first month of their free happiness calendar. This interactive PDF links to useful topics including how to boost resilience, spark happiness in others, or deal with mean people.

Even better, subscribe to the popular Science of Happiness podcast where guests talk about different strategies they have used to cope with life's challenges. One fascinating episode features Steven Czifra, a graduate student at UC Berkeley who also spent the greater part of two decades in and out of jail. His experience of learning to practise self-compassion is worth listening to.