Chinese app developers file case alleging mistreatment by Apple

US tech giant faces accusations of anti-competitive behaviour in largest market for apps

Apple is facing accusations of anti-competitive behaviour in China, its largest market for apps, adding to the tech giant's regulatory problems in the United States and Europe.

The case filed with Chinese regulators yesterday by Dare & Sure, a Beijing-based law firm, alleges that Apple is abusing its control of the iOS App Store to mistreat Chinese developers by removing their apps unfairly and levying a high charge for in-app purchases.

Apple started a worldwide crackdown on what it sees as illegitimate apps earlier this year, and removed 58,000 Chinese apps in one swoop in June, according to tech research firm ASO 100.

But the 28 Chinese developers behind the complaint say that they did not receive sufficient explanation for app deletions and were left waiting months before getting their apps reinstated.


China made more money for Apple’s App Store last year than any other country, according to research firm IDC.

Apple said it complied with “local laws and regulations”, and that it had a process for developers to appeal against being removed and to get back into the App Store. – (Copyright The Financial Times Limited 2017)