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Bored with same old Snapchat filters? Just add Snow

Weblog: Korean knock-off has more filters than you can shake a rainbow vomit at

Snow is also a messaging app with the majority of users based in Korea

Why do you love Snapchat? Be honest, it’s the filters, isn’t it? Everyone loves flower garlands, puppy-dog ears and vomiting rainbows. I don’t actually Snapchat because I’m 635 in web years. I just use the filters and share them on WhatsApp or Instagram. But sometimes it can feel a little repetitive.

If you want an app for new filters try out Snow, a Korean Snapchat knock-off but one that has scores more filters (including almost exact copies). There are 17 categories including animals, eye-colour change, masks, hats, sunglasses and vintage photograph and video effects. Some aren’t that accurate, lots are variants of the same thing, but there are plenty of fun ones to keep you and your Instagram followers amused.

Snow is also a messaging app so you can text and video chat with contacts, post images publicly and live stream to others on the platform, but you will notice that the majority of users are based in Korea because Snapchat has already cornered this market in Europe.

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