Adventure gaming for fans of Norse mythology

Web Log: The Frostrune provides a relaxing break from more modern games


The point-and-click adventure game is mostly only talked about in terms of computer games history but this gentle genre is alive and well, cultivated by small, independent companies such as Norway’s Grimnir Media.

Its latest offering is The Frostrune, a beautifully illustrated adventure mystery set in the year 965, where the player takes on the role of a young Norse girl who is washed up on the shore of a small, deserted Norwegian coastal village.

I don’t know much about Norse mythology or the Viking age but the historical background seems convincing. There is also a lot of attention to detail in the illustrations of rune stones and descriptions of burial mounds and traditions.

This game is on Android, iOS and Steam. I played on an iPad and found the point-and-click interface easy to navigate. There are puzzles to solve, spaces to explore, mysteries to unravel and lots of dead bodies too. I actually felt bad as I fished a key from one corpse that lay in a shallow pit but such is the life of a Viking.

Relaxing, slow-paced fun for the anti-shoot-em-up brigade.