Amazon to hire 100,000 workers in Europe and the US

People sought for warehouse and delivery roles following surge in online orders

Amazon is to hire 100,000 warehouse and delivery workers in the United States and Europe to deal with a surge in online orders, as many consumers have turned to the web to meet their needs during the coronavirus outbreak.

With shoppers clearing out shelves in fear of quarantines or product shortages, retailers are racing to keep food and hygiene items in stock and have employees on hand for in-store work or delivery.

Like Amazon, US supermarket chains Albertsons, Kroger and Raley’s have sought new hires to staff busy sections and fulfill online orders.

They are turning to people in the restaurant, travel and entertainment businesses who are looking for work after being laid off as a consequence of the coronavirus pandemic.


United Parcel Service said its trucking and air deliveries are still rolling despite growing government restrictions on commercial activities. It said on Monday it was meeting demand with its existing workforce.

How much will Amazon pay?

Covid-19, which has led to more than 7,100 deaths globally and prompted mass lockdowns of people, has also led to items being out of stock on Amazon and some deliveries taking longer than usual.

Amazon’s employee numbers fluctuate seasonally, recently peaking for the holiday quarter at 798,000 full- and part-time workers. It is unclear how many additional people Amazon would employ after it hires the projected 100,000. To attract new employees, Amazon said it would add $2 (€1.82) to its minimum $15 per hour (€13.60) for US workers in April.

The extra pay for hourly employees in north America and Europe is expected to cost more than $350 million, according to Amazon.