Minimum income, subsidising wages and whiskey sours

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Covid-19 lockdowns are hitting Irish whiskey sales, distillers have warned.

Covid-19 lockdowns are hitting Irish whiskey sales, distillers have warned.


A Europe-wide minimum income is required to stop people falling into poverty as the continent reels from the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, the European Union’s jobs commissioner Nicolas Schmit haw said. Naomi O’Leary reports from Brussels.

The amount paid out by the State under a scheme to subsidise the wages of workers during the coronavirus crisis has increased to ¤936 million. Mark Paul has the details.

Covid-19 lockdowns are hitting Irish whiskey sales while about 400 of the industry’s jobs are in the balance, distillers warn. Barry O’Halloran reports.

Shares in Aryzta fell again yesterday amid speculation that the company may be sold off or radically restructured in a bid to restore shareholder value, writes Eoin Burke-Kennedy.

Pension deficits across companies listed on the Irish stock market remained steady at €1.2 billion in the first quarter of the year. Joe Brennan has the details.

The trend towards online shopping seen during the coronavirus pandemic could continue once the restrictions imposed to slow the spread of the virus have been lifted, but only for some goods, a new survey claims. Ciara O’Brien reports.

John FitzGerald outlines why borrowing is different this time.

Irish lenders have the capital reserves to weather the Covid-19 storm but expect bank charges to start rising, writes Joe Brennan in Agenda.

Caveat bemoans the weaponisation of online bad reviews which is a depressing tyranny for small businesses.

Veeresh Thummadi looks at the puzzle of working from home.

Olive Keogh finds that, despite the crisis, firms are still looking for executives.

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