Deliveroo gets on its bike, no canary here and reshuffle kerfuffle

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Why do business people covet golf courses?

Why do business people covet golf courses?


Food delivery service Deliveroo set an ambitious target to increase the number of restaurants on its service by two- thirds to 2,000 this year as it expands its footprint in the Republic.

Voxpro founders Dan and Linda Kiely have invested €250,000 in Cork-based co-working hub, Republic of Work.

Aviva’s decision to prevent investors from withdrawing money in commercial property funds is not the “canary in the coalmine” signalling the turning of the market, the boss of agent HWBC has said.

Some business people saw the K Club as a sort of Narnia, a fantasy land that proved Ireland had the strongest little economy in the world, opines Caveat, as he ruminates on what makes business people want to own golf clubs.

“Maybe we should all be less worried about Brexit.” So says Gerry Darby, manager, Lough Neagh Partnership, in his chat with Brexit Proof.

Dominic Cummings, having delivered Brexit, is now turning his attention to disrupting the UK civil service in ways which could make it more subservient to temporary political needs, points out John FitzGerald in his weekly column. Fortunately, he says, we don’t have such an agenda here.

Motorists are at a crossroads, faced with the greatest upheaval since Karl Benz offered an alternative to the horse, writes Michael McAleer in Agenda, and it doesn’t look like it will improve any time soon.

In our Interview of the Week slot Charlie Taylor talks to Cormac Barry who has taken the reins at CarTrawler.

Getting passed over for a promotion hurts – but it could be a blessing in disguise, advises Olive Keogh in World of Work.

It was the week, Planet Business tells us, that Boris Johnson unleashed himself, again.

Inside Track meets Heinrich Anhold, founder and CEO of Epona Biotech, who wants to revolutionise how antibiotics are used in veterinary medicine.

In our latest Inside Business podcast consumer campaigner Brendan Burgess and Irish Times journalist Joe Brennan discuss the latest developments in the tracker mortgage scandal and Peter Hamilton has details of BT’s plans for Dundrum.

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