Anthony O’Reilly’s former assistant records win in US court

Sabina Vidunas argued O’Reilly’s centre of main interests isn’t in the Bahamas

Tony O’Reilly’s former personal nurse and assistant has recorded a win against the former businessman in a US bankruptcy court.

Sabina Vidunas successfully argued in the US bankruptcy court for the western district of Pennsylvania that the trustee of Sir Anthony's bankruptcy hadn't met his burden of proving that the former businessman's bankruptcy proceeding in the Bahamas is a "main" or "nonmain" proceeding.

Such a designation under the US bankruptcy code would provide reliefs to Sir Anthony.

Ms Vidunas was hired by Sir Anthony in 1995 and her employment ended “around 2010 or 2011”. Ms Vidunas is suing the former businessman for reneging on a promise to give her millions of dollars in company shares after hiring her in 1995, and challenging his attempt to have his July 2016 bankruptcy recognised in the US.

She first sued the Irish businessman in the Pennsylvania courts in 2013 but her case was on hold until late last year when she filed an application in court seeking to restart her case.

She argued that Sir Anthony’s “centre of main interests”does not lie in the Bahamas which means that location can’t be recognised as the “main” location of the foreign proceeding.

The result could pave the way for Ms Vidunas to restart proceedings against the former Heinz chief executive and Independent News and Media shareholder unless his bankruptcy trustee makes another successful application.