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RTÉ Exit Poll - Locals

Election status? (P/U/C) P
Exit poll? Y
Constituencies returned? 0
Total constituencies? 31
Total seats? 949
Turnout? (leave out % symbol) 0
Show seats? N
Show first pref? Y
Show summary? N

Constituency returned number cell cannot be blank! Must have a number between 0 and 40

party_name party_code party_result party_seats
Fine Gael fg 23 0
Fianna Fáil ff 23 0
Sinn Féin sf 12 0
Labour lab 06 0
Social Democrats sd 03 0
Solidarity Alliance-People Before Profit spbp 02 0
Green Party gp 09 0
Independent / Other io 22 0
Local Elections Results
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