Building inclusion: 'My manager supports me coming in later because of my volunteering' Employees feeling comfortable and open in the workplace is something Sullivan is very passionate about. Photograph: iStock

Diversity, inclusion, and flexibility in the workplace have helped Jason Sullivan succeed at Pfizer

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Kevin McStay: Donegal shaping up as the biggest danger to Dublin Cavan’s goalkeeper Raymond Galligan and Pádraig Faulkner look dejected as Donegal’s Patrick McBrearty, Jamie Brennan and Ryan McHugh celebrate their Ulster final triumph. Photograph: James Crombie/Inpho

Ulster champions are the only team that look like a serious threat so far

Irish Army role in German-led battle group for debate in Dáil Irish soldiers training in the Glen of Imaal. The Government has already approved Irish participation in the stand-by force, which will also include personnel from Austria, the Czech Republic, Croatia and the Netherlands. Photograph:  Colin Keegan/Collins

Fianna Fáil confirms it will support move

The Story of Home: A bolt from the blue Lisa Marconi wholeheartedly believes a home should reflect your personality and your true self as well as where you are at that point in your life. Photographs: Conor Mulhern

In this video we return to our award-winning series with Ulster Bank, and visit the rock-inspired home of interior designer Lisa Marconi

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