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Prof Peter Clinch: says there are a number of hidden threats to cost competitiveness here even with Brexit continuing to loom on the horizon

Banks and lawyers are driving up the costs of businesses, while wages are beginning to rise rapidly, experts warn in a report published on Thursday. (...)

Time to look ahead to 2019, even if you don’t want to. Photograph: Getty

Economic forecasting is a dangerous game at the best of times. But 2019 brings a particularly high level of uncertainty. There is Brexit. The possibil(...)

A report last Tuesday said Ireland’s booming economy faced a number of competitiveness challenges that could seriously derail future growth. Photograph: iStock

Research prepared for the Department of Finance has found that the Irish economy is likely to overheat in the medium term, with strains likely to star(...)

The National Competitiveness Council is worried about the State’s heavy dependence on the performance of a narrow base of firms. Photograph: Reuters

The latest report from the National Competitiveness Council (NCC) come as a reality check to the succession of bright Irish economic data releases we (...)

The National Competitiveness Council said there is much to be done on the domestic front to improve competitiveness

Ireland’s booming economy faces a number of competitiveness challenges that could seriously derail future growth, according to a new report. The stro(...)

Water charges were ‘the last straw’ for some people after several austerity budgets, UCD report notes.

The Government’s framing of water charges as an economic issue contributed to the failure of the charging regime, according to a new report by UCD aca(...)

The Intel facility at Leixlip, Co Dublin. Just five big players account for 30 per cent of all of the Republic’s exports. Photograph: Dave Meehan

Ireland’s economy relies too heavily on the fortunes of a few massive players – the galacticos of the tech and pharma sectors which are driving growth(...)

Traffic congestion is damaging Ireland’s competitiveness, the NCC has said. Photograph: iStock

Ireland’s competitiveness is under threat from Brexit, trade uncertainty, our high debt levels and the economy’s reliance on a small number of export (...)

Ryanair chief executive Michael O’Leary. The low-cost airline is expected to report net profit in the region of   €1.42 billion. Photograph: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

Monday Results: Ryanair. In a year scarred by a roster fiasco and the subsequent push for greater union recognition, Ryanair nonetheless remains th(...)

The council said Brexit represents the foremost downside economic risk for Ireland with far-reaching implications for Irish competitiveness across a range of policy areas

The Irish economy is at a critical juncture and steps must be taken to improve the country’s competitiveness given the wide number of external threats(...)

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