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Presenter Cormac Ó hEadhra hears one hostile verdict after another on mother and baby homes redress scheme. Photograph: RTÉ

As the Government announces new measures on Tuesday, the reaction on the airwaves is that the proposals don’t go far enough to improve the situation. (...)

For travellers and holidaymakers, a summer trip in 2021 looks set to be trickier – and more expensive – than many would wish for. File photograph: iStock

From July 19th, the world of travel is opening up once more with the advent of the EU’s travel pass, also known as the digital Covid certificate. Howe(...)

The report says Ireland is the only country where women are not over-represented in the minimum wage category, with a 50:50 split in terms of gender

There are fewer people on the minimum wage in Ireland at risk of poverty than in any of 14 countries surveyed for a new report by the Economic and Soc(...)

The ESRI study assessed the impact of the government’s decision to increase the minimum hourly rate from €8.65 to €9.15 per hour in 2016.

Fears that hiking the minimum wage in 2016 would lead to a significant increase in labour costs proved unfounded, a study by the Economic and Social (...)

Single male retirees spend significantly less on leisure, holidays and meals outside the home, the ESRI study found. Photograph: Getty

Spending by single retirees declines considerably more than spending by retirees belonging to two-adult households where the second adult is not worki(...)

Pensions are hard to understand, partly because levels of financial literacy are generally low, ESRI research for the Pensions Authority has found.

Pensions are hard to understand, partly because levels of financial literacy are generally low, according to a series of ESRI studies. But they found (...)

The ESRI found that hourly wage inequality between high and low earners reduced by up to 8 per cent on foot of the minimum wage change. Photograph: iStock

The Government’s decision to raise the State’s minimum wage in 2016 reduced income inequality but had little impact on overall household income, a new(...)

Joan Bruton: “We have to make sure students aren’t sacrificing their future for relatively or very low-paid employment while they’re in school.” Photograph: Alan Betson

The number of 16- and 17-year-olds in paid employment has increased more than 20 per cent in a three-year period. Statistics released by the Departme(...)

Minimum wage workers are  more likely to lose their jobs than higher paid employees, according to the ESRI study.

About one in three workers on minimum wage moved to higher paying jobs within nine months, a study by the Economic and Social Research Institute (ESRI(...)

Pope Francis during his visit to Dublin last Saturday. The group expected a half an hour maximum, but the pope heard them out for an hour and a half. Photograph: Gonzalo Fuentes/Reuters

The most extraordinary meeting in the long history of the Catholic Church in Ireland was a hastily arranged affair. Eight survivors of clerical abuse(...)

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