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Research is ongoing to see if a drop in noise levels improves birds’ ability to attract a mate. Photograph: James Crombie/Inpho

Hits on the Birdwatch Ireland website are up 350 per cent as a society in shutdown takes more notice of the natural world. The spike in interest come(...)

Consider drying fruit during abundant harvests

After last year’s drought, I promised myself that I’d never, ever give out about our rainy climate again. Not a word. So I’m not going to bemoan the r(...)

Body & Soul Music and Arts Festival has announced the full stage times for its 10th Aniversary celebration of the summer solstice which kicks off (...)

“The science is still in large part a mystery, because there are so many variables involved and because the trees themselves cannot be interviewed”

Driving across the north midlands last weekend, I was astonished by the profusion of hawthorn blossoms, which seemed to be multiplying even as I passe(...)

In Ireland 32 per cent of greenhouse gas emissions  come from agriculture. Photograph: Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

Irish farmers feel like they are being blamed for climate change but they will rise to the challenges of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, a research(...)

Watering cans at the ready. There are many rain barrels/water butts, which can be easily sourced from good garden centres and local authorities.  Photo Credit Richard Johnston

Phew. It’s finally over. Or at least it’s over for now. By which I mean this summer’s prolonged drought and searing temperatures, a testing time for (...)

The Swiss Cottage outside Cahir, Co Tipperary, is a fairy-book cottage orné with a curving thatched roof, ideal for a family excursion.

Ireland is fortunate to have so many architectural remains of our ancestors surviving still in the landscape, stretching right back to when we first s(...)

When it comes to fruit, container-grown fig trees and strawberries are a great choice for small tunnels while for larger polytunnels, consider grape-vines or cordon/espalier/fan-trained peach, apricot or nectarine trees,

If you’re one of the many Irish gardeners who has joined the country’s merry band of polytunnel owners in recent months (see last week’s column), the(...)

Ecosystem engineers: ants   can alter the properties of soil. Illustration: Michael Viney

Mweelrea, the bald king, wears a gleaming skullcap of hail. Hoar frost has crisped the grass to the rain gauge, and a tender begonia has crumpled in i(...)

Finish pruning summer-fruiting  blackberries to encourage them to grow new canes next spring.

Did you know that “dirt” – by which I mean soil – is the new Prozac? It’s all down to a rather remarkable, naturally-occurring soil bacterium by the (...)

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