Junior Cert

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Ava O’Shea from Castlecomer Community School, Co Kilkenny. Photograph: Laura Hutton / The Irish Times

Ava O’Shea This last week has dragged out. Since we sat our last in-school exams as part of the accredited grades process, it has felt like we should(...)

Days off school due to snow may be a thing of the past with teachers set to conduct online classes in future in the event of unforeseen school closures. File photograph: Dara MacDónaill / The Irish Times

Teachers’ unions say they will “engage” with Department of Education reforms which would spell the end of school closures for snow, bad weather or oth(...)

Unless schools can make up for the disruption, the ESRI study says learning loss during the closures are expected to “ripple through students’ educational trajectories and into their later life”.

Many Junior Cert students disengaged from learning when they realised the State exams were likely to be cancelled, new research shows. An analysis of(...)

The new junior cycle has been akin to the toddler who keeps bumping into things and cannot quite get sturdy on its legs. It has gathered far more doubters than believers. Photograph: iStock

With the new style in-house Leaving Cert grades very much on my mind, I’ve been trying to establish how much past data and how much future speculation(...)

Different methods will be used to provide grades to A Level and Leaving Cert students in the UK and Ireland this year. Photograph: iStock

We live in Donegal and my daughter has applied for college places through Ucas and the CAO. Given recent changes in the UK and Ireland regarding how s(...)

The upheavals of the last two academic years mean that thorough reforms are required now more than ever. Photograph: iStock

The current focus in Government offices is on what is of national importance, the Leaving Certificate. It falls to leadership energy in schools to ac(...)

Leaving Cert students protesting outside the Department of Education last September over the calculated grades process. File photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

The memo was hastily written, but the sentiment clear: there was a danger some students would be “thrown under the bus” by late changes to the calcula(...)

Minister Norma Foley was due to brief Ministers  at a  Cabinet committee meeting on education. Photograph: Maxwells

What will the format of the Leaving Certificate be this year? All Leaving Cert students will be given the option of availing of calculated grades and(...)

The Labour Party has called for a ban on advertising by gambling companies

The Labour Party has called for a ban on advertising by gambling companies, saying it is “poisoning” families. However, the party stopped short of ca(...)

Education authorities have confirmed that it will not be possible to hold the Junior Cert exams alongside the Leaving Cert in June. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

This year’s Junior Cert exams for 60,000 students look likely to be cancelled after education authorities confirmed that it will not be possible to ho(...)

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