Jennifer and two-year-old Noah

I recently mentioned in conversation that I was planning to wean my youngest child who is two and is still breast-fed. Although the focal point had be(...)

Health workers wear protective equipment as they prepare to attend to suspected Ebola patients at Bikoro Hospital - the epicenter of the latest Ebola outbreak in DRC. Photograph: Mark Naftalin/AFP/Getty Images

Congolese and UN officials were racing to prevent an Ebola outbreak from spreading in Congo on Thursday, working out the logistics of keeping newly ar(...)

Foods that could be taxed under a “sin tax” include yogurts. Photograph: iStock

Taxes on household staples including yoghurts, crisps, bread and sliced ham could cost a typical Irish family an extra €606 per year, a report by the (...)

The mother of Leila al-Ghandour, an eight-month-old  Palestinian baby  who, according to the Palestinian health ministry, died of tear gas inhalation during clashes in east Gaza holds her at the morgue of al-Shifa hospital in Gaza city. Photograph: Mahmud Hams/AFP/Getty Images

Thousands of Gaza residents attended the funerals on Tuesday of those shot dead by Israeli security forces on Monday in the worst day of violence in t(...)

 Medécins Sans Frontières staff   treat a suspected Ebola patients in  Congo in 2007. Photograph: Pascale Zintzen/Reuters/MSF

At least 17 people have died in an area of northwestern Democratic Republic of Congo where health officials have now confirmed an outbreak of Ebola, t(...)

According to the Health Research Board, Ireland has the fourth-highest level of alcohol consumption in the OECD region. Photograph: Rui Vieira/PA

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is to hold up Ireland’s alcohol consumption policies as an exemplar for other developed countries. B(...)

Leonora O’Brien said she established Pharmapod as she felt compelled to dedicate her career to the issue of resolving medication errors. Photograph: Peter Houlihan

Pharmapod, an Irish software company that has developed a cloud-based platform to reduce medication errors for patients, has secured three million Can(...)

A study by the Food Safety Authority has found there are no health risks for children or adults because of exposure to fluoride in food, beverages and drinking water.
Fluoride: safe to drink

The Food Safety Authority has declared there are no health risks for children or adults because of exposure to fluoride in food, beverages and drinkin(...)

Taj Mahal mausoleum: India’s top court sharply criticised the government for failing to protect the legendary monument from pollution. Photograph: Ludovic Marin/AFP/Getty

India’s supreme court has directed the country’s federal government to invite international experts to fix the “serious” change in colour due to pollu(...)

‘We’ve seen that hand cleansing behaviour becomes more lax with experience.’

Obstetrician Ignatz Philipp Semmelweis was the first to demonstrate, by experiment, that handwashing can prevent infections. In May, 1847, he instiga(...)

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