Former  president Mary McAleese: “The church is not terribly happy with criticism”

Speaking in Sydney yesterday, former president Mary McAleese argued for a greatly increased role for women in the Catholic Church, saying: “The old bo(...)

For all the lengthy testing undertaken on new treatments, there are even more established interventions in medicines that are simply taken as gospel. (...)

Gunner Richard Brown (L) of Transit Security Element looks through binoculars as he stands on lookout with other crew members aboard the Australian Navy ship HMAS Perth as they continue to search for missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 . Photograph: Australian Defence Force/Handout via Reuters

A search crew hunting for the missing Malaysian jet has located a new possible underwater signal, an Australian official says. An Aust(...)

In this image taken onboard a Royal New Zealand P-3 Orion searching today for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, a piece of unknown debris floats just under the water in the southern Indian Ocean. Photograph: Rob Griffith/Pool/Getty Images

A cluster of orange objects spotted by a search plane hunting for any trace of the missing Malaysia Airlines jet has turned out to be nothing m(...)

Colin Scott, dean of the UCD Sutherland Law School, says UCD is leading the way in new methods to teach law. Photograph: David Sleator

UCD’s school of law has come a long way since the first students graduated in 1911. For one thing, the School has stopped publishing the exam results (...)

‘Part of my work was to run a Great Koala Count, using a smartphone app that allows people to record where they see koalas.’

I was born a wildlife ecologist. Before I even know what the word meant I was sure I wanted to work with wildlife around the world. This passion was c(...)

The gastric-brooding frog, which swallowed its eggs, grew its young in its stomach and gave birth through its mouth, became extinct about 30 years ago

In a process that sounds like Jurassic Park (...)

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