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Lily Stevens (14) from Ballyvolane, Cork, is 14 loves Harry Potter. Photograph: Michael Mac Sweeney/Provision

Fourteen-year-old Lily Stevens may be from Cork – but she belongs to Gryffindor House. Like many other teenagers, Lily loves Harry Potter. She has rea(...)

In the RTÉ radio studio, while presenting the summer programme Sunday with Keelin Shanley in 2018.

Keelin Shanley, who has died aged 51, was an accomplished journalist and broadcaster known for her curiosity, empathy and versatility. Her interviewin(...)

Beauty gift sets from Nars, Chanel, Charlotte Tilbury, Lush, Spectrum and ghd

There are more gift sets around this season than you could possibly browse through between now and Christmas Day. Whether it’s your grooming-conscious(...)

We’ve come a long way since Alexander Graham Bell had the world’s first phone conversation in 1876.

To understand the possibilities of 5G, you first have to look back. “Mr Watson, come here – I want to see you” is credited as the world’s first ever (...)

Djackulate: plays the Workman’s Club, Dublin, as part of Spectrum Festival

Due to the nature of what I do, I see albums more as cooking ingredients rather than finished dishes. One album, however, that did alter the course of(...)

Hitchhiker, Mike Van Rose’s debut LP, is bookended with Jvlia and Portobello, two anchoring locations lending a timestamp of its creation. The geograp(...)

  Alphabet-owned AI company DeepMind’s  AlphaZero system  taught itself to outwit DeepMind’s own specialised system for playing Go.

Last year the Alphabet-owned AI company DeepMind revealed to the world a system called AlphaZero that taught itself to outwit DeepMind’s own specialis(...)

Workplace stress is a highly complex problem, fraught with “psychosocial risks”, according to the ESRI. Photograph: iStock

In recent weeks, two illustrious bodies have flagged problems with the Irish psyche. The OECD told us that 18.5 per cent of Irish people have a mental(...)

File image of Brianna Lynch and her Great Danes.

There was great news for Great Dane owner Brianna Lynch (8) after her two assistance dogs were returned to her Co Clare home after being missing for a(...)

Dancers in DU Dance’s ‘Merge’ performance.

It grew out of a project with street children in Addis Ababa; it maintains strong links across Europe; it connects with community dance initiatives in(...)

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