Huawei P50 Pocket: Top-of-the-range camera but no Google Play

Foldable phone supports Ultra Spectrum photography for incredible detail

Remember when Huawei was considered the biggest threat to Samsung’s dominance in the Android mobile market? One dispute with the US later and Huawei’s fortunes on that front have changed.

The company recently announced a new range of phones, the P50, complete with top of the range cameras, but unfortunately there is no details on when – or if – they will launch in Ireland. The P50 range not only has a great camera, but also includes a credible competitor for Samsung's Z Flip, the P50 Pocket.

The foldable phone supports Ultra Spectrum photography for incredible detail, 40W fast charging and comes with a super privacy mode that automatically disables the cameras, microphone and location upon folding the device. Inside it has a 6.9 inch main screen so you can get all the benefits of a large screen phone with the portability of a small device.

The things it doesn't support? Google Play services, so that means no built in Google Maps or Gmail unless you have a bit of tech know how. It also doesn't support 5G, which seems like an oversight, given that most people are trying to futureproof their purchases.