As long as the ground isn’t frozen or waterlogged, March is a good time to plant lily bulbs. Photograph: Richard Johnston

If I had to single out a particular group of plants that shouts 21st-century gardening, it would be ornamental grasses. Just think of all those dreamy(...)

Ireland’s moist climate is ideal for slugs

We need to talk about slugs. Worse still, we need to talk about the sex life of slugs. Yes, yes, I know, as subject matters go, it’s about as alluring(...)

There’s no shame calling in the experts to help with some of the really heavy work

Remember the promise you made to yourself some time last summer when you realised with a sharp pang of regret that your garden wasn’t looking as well (...)

Heleniums, one of the starts of the late summer/early autumn garden are a good candidate for the Chelsea Chop. Photograph: Richard Johnston

Ever heard of the Chelsea Chop? No, it doesn’t refer to some obscure form of martial arts, nor is it the name of the latest must-have hairstyle or som(...)

Looking forward to tomorrow’s Christmas turkey and figgy pudding? Can’t wait to finally hear some sleigh-bells in the snow, rather than the steady dr(...)

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