Dr Fatima Hamroush spoke at the IIEA on Libya’s decent into civil war. Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

Four years on, and Libya is a basket case. Four years ago this week a rising in second city Bengahazi set in train the overthrow of the brutal dictato(...)

Minister of state Michael Roth said Berlin is ready to take a leading role in the European Union’s future but won’t “stand alone”. Photograph:  Georges Gobet/AFP/Getty Images

Germany’s Europe minister Michael Roth has said the EU must put as much emphasis on social cohesion as on fiscal policy.In a speech in Dublin yester(...)

Jan Philipp Albrecht is the European parliamentary politician most closely identified with the politics of the digital era. At a time when data(...)

Ballot papers in The City West count centre during the fiscal treaty referendum count last year. Photograph: David Sleator

Free, free . . . a nation once again. Or that’s what we are told about the imminent lifting of the shackles of supervision from the troika. Even the T(...)

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