European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen delivers her speech during the Future of Europe conference at the European Parliament in Strasbourg on Sunday. Photograph: Jean-Francois Badias/EPA

Heads of State from across the EU have called on European countries to show strength and leadership in moving towards a sustainable, climate neutral f(...)

In gross domestic product  terms we rank among the richest nations in the world but is this a fair reflection of the economy?

The “real feel” in the Irish economy has never quite matched the eye-watering growth numbers that tumble out each year. In gross domestic product (GD(...)

Patrick Honohan: “Ireland is a prosperous country, but not as prosperous as is often thought.”

Rankings that put the Republic as the most prosperous state in the European Union are wrong, former Central Bank governor Patrick Honohan has said. T(...)

John O’Reilly: instrumental in severing, with good grace, the formal ties between the Royal Institute of British Architects and the Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland

John O’Reilly, FRIAI, former president of the Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland, died on September 11th, 2020, a week before his 92nd birth(...)

Dr TK Whitaker: A conversation between him and Albert Borschette, the Luxembourg permanent representative to the EEC, is revealed in the latest volume of Irish foreign policy papers from October 1961 to April 1965.   Photograph: Tom Lawlor

Ireland would join the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (Nato) if that was the price to pay to join the European Economic Community, top Irish offic(...)

The prospect of a no-deal Brexit rose further this week as both sides dug deeper trenches. Photograph: Getty Images

There will be no shortage of political and banking voices clamouring for the spotlight as Tánaiste Leo Varadkar formally launches the €2 billion Covid(...)

Changing legal systems to outlaw gender discrimination is just a starting point. Changing what happens on the ground is a much bigger challenge. Photograph: UIG via Getty Images

A recent World Bank study by Marie Hyland and colleagues has looked at the experience of legal discrimination against women around the globe. In many (...)

If UK Remainers could rerun the last 30 years, they would do things very differently.

Has Brexit killed off Irish Euroscepticism? After Britain’s shambolic effort to extricate itself from the European Union, Irish attachment to membersh(...)

Polls show Ireland’s voters retain the most positive image in the EU of the EU. Photograph: Kenzo Tribouillard / AFP

In 1975, only two years after Ireland, the UK and Denmark joined the then European Economic Community (EEC), Garret FitzGerald, minister for foreign a(...)

British members of the European Parliament react during Wednesday’s vote confirming  Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union. Photograph: Yves Herman/EPA

At 11pm on Friday, January 31st, after 47 years in the European Economic Community and European Union, the United Kingdom is formally leaving the bloc(...)

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