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Donald Trump poses for a photo in his office in Trump Tower, New York, in May 2016. Photograph: Reuters/Lucas Jackson

How soon is too soon? That is the question posed by the latest season of Reeling In The Years (RTÉ One, Sunday), which takes world-shaking events from(...)

A summer’s day in Kinsale: Photograph: Conor Pope

Day One “Stupid Covid. I should be in Portugal, ” I think morosely as I stare at my overflowing suitcase and wonder what I’ve forgotten to pack for m(...)

Captain  Charles O’Rourke (retired): “Up until 1960 we were a garrison army. Our whole environment was parades and inspections, and all the routine of barrack life. It was a pretty unexciting thing.” Photograph: Alan Betson

The ambush of an Irish Army patrol in Niemba in November 1960 shocked the nation, not least Marie O’Rourke whose husband Charles was serving as a lieu(...)

Sisters Róisín and Rachael Ingle. ‘Thank you, Rach’

Something that’s been a regular delight in the past few months has been taking delivery of the pandemic post. Whether it’s the arrival of a crucial pa(...)

Panic purchasing: the Christmas countdown is on.

Left it until the last minute to get shopping? Here are a few tech gift suggestions - along with where you can find them today. Lenovo Smar(...)

SEGA GENESIS MINI Sega Genesis Mini, €74.99. Mini versions of retro game consoles have become all the rage in recent years, as seen w(...)

Google Nest Mini, a new smart speaker out this Christmas. Photograph: Google/PA Wire

December is looming and with it, Christmas. We know it’s the season of goodwill and it’s all about family rather than material things, but if you do w(...)

Impossible Project founder Florian Kaps: “What makes the analogue so appealing in a digital world is that we are in the end human beings who are living through their senses and who are here to leave traces on earth. You just can’t do that with your mobile phone and digital data.”

“My mantra during the Impossible days was a quote by Edwin H Land: ‘Don’t undertake a project unless it is manifestly important and nearly impossible.(...)

Last-minute Christmas shopping. Photograph: iStock/Getty

ADULTS Dents Aviemore touch-screen gloves The gloves Among the most traditional of Christmas gifts, but what we like about Dents Avie(...)

Polaroid OneStep+: You can trigger the shutter by clapping your hands.

Nostalgia is a powerful thing. Take a look at the Polaroid OneStep+ for example. The original OneStep was released in 1977 as an analogue, instant cam(...)

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