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Mazda 3: the saloon certainly looks the part but its engine tech lets it down

It’s not just a case that the jury is out, it’s more a case that the judge has called a recess and the courtroom staff have left the building. The del(...)

Each carmaker faces its own CO2 target, based on the weight of its vehicles. A business selling smaller cars such as Peugeot owner PSA therefore has a lower CO2 target than a company with a heavier average vehicle, such as Mercedes owner Daimler. Photograph: Keystone via AP

When Blas Arambilet tried to buy an electric car in April, something strange happened. Months after ordering a white Kia e-Niro from his local Barcelo(...)

A Toyota concept car at the Tokyo motor show earlier this year. Photograph: EPA

Toyota is forecasting sales of 10.77 million vehicles worldwide during 2020, nudging it closer to number one automaker Volkswagen. Toyota’s outlook, (...)

“The ideal solution is an immediate transition to petrol and diesel hybrids, with a further decade spent refining the technology, infrastructure and battery supply chain to allow the adoption of BEVs.”

Responding to a crisis is never easy. The very nature of a crisis demands swift, decisive, action. Then again, action that’s swift and decisive but is(...)

Mazda has been knocking it out of the park of late and the new 3 is arguably the pinnacle of that process, especially in five-door hatchback form. I(...)

Another impressive new model from Mazda, and this time the Japanese firm wants to take a slice out of the Nissan Qashqai’s pie. The CX-30, you could p(...)

It’s now 30 years ago since Mazda created the original MX-5 and reminded us that the greatest of motoring achievements is to make a car that’s both fu(...)

I don’t need a mirror – my characters are above vanity – but I do need one last costume.

I think I need a walk in wardrobe in the garage: it would make my life so much easier. I’ve always liked to dress for the occasion but when I moved to(...)

In a Harry Potter moment a man appeared wearing roller-skates and holding what looked like a stick with an electric wheel at the the end that propelled him around the stage

Under its newly enthroned emperor, Naruhito, Japan has entered a new era - Reiwa meaning beautiful harmony. It’s a suitable aspiration for its auto in(...)

Mazda’s new all-electric MX-30 is due on sale in Europe next year with a range of 200km

Mazda has unveiled its new fully-electric crossover, the MX30, which goes on sale across Europe next year. The smart looking new model, similar in siz(...)

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