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Top down in -20 degrees is probably not the life that many people envisage when they buy a sports car

“Are you crazy?” The question wasn’t posed with incredulity nor hostility, but seemingly with genuine curiosity. I guess your average petrol station i(...)

Interior shot of a self-driving Lexus car.

The coming of the robot car has been screamed loud from every headline and tech blog for the past decade, but increasingly car makers are being more c(...)

The price of the Mazda 3 has yet to be released but it could be about €25,000-€26,000

There are relatively few mundane, everyday, family-friendly objects that flirt with aesthetic perfection, but the ones that do really stand out. West(...)

Mazda has revealed its heavily-teased new crossover at the Geneva motor show, and it’s called the CX-30. In spite of the 3 in its name, it’s not a dir(...)

You might have been forgiven for thinking that there’s nothing wrong with the global car industry, judging from the Geneva motor show in 2019. Amid a (...)

The growth in cars available with hands-free “keyless” locking and ignition systems is dramatically increasing our vulnerability to car theft. Photograph: Getty Images

Thousands of new cars are vulnerable to being stolen even when owners have hidden the car keys securely away. The reason? Our addiction to electronic(...)

Mazda CX-5: Unlike rivals from Honda and Skoda, there’s no seven-seat option

Mazda’s mid-size SUV has been with us since 2012, when it earned the mantle of ‘The Car That Saved The Company.’ The CX-5 is now in its second generat(...)

Mazda MX-5: reliable, reasonably practical, and easily useable on a day-to-day basis

Just updated for the 2019 model year, the MX-5 gains an extra 24hp for its range-topping 2.0-litre engine, and, at last, reach-adjustable steering on (...)

Mazda said it would recall around 410,000 units in overseas markets. Photograph: Kim Kyung-Hoon/Reuters

Mazda on Thursday said it planned to recall around 640,000 vehicles globally to fix issues including a problem with the valve springs used in its dies(...)

Peugeot’s stunning concept car, the e-Legend coupe

The Paris motor show 2018 has been more low key than in previous years, due to some big name car companies ignoring the event. However, that seems to (...)

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